Sonex 1404

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I have been extremely delinquent updating this blog, and slightly less so in progressing with the build. In the last one year or so, I had another build in progress with my wife (my son!) which took up most of my time.

However, I did complete the horizontal stabilizer and elevator in September 2011. The photos are attached.

I also moved to California a few months ago and have a large two-car garage to continue my build! I have ordered the wing kit from Sonex and should get it in a few weeks. In the meantime, I plan to set up my new workshop and maybe polish some of the completed pieces.

Hopefully, the build will progress a lot faster in 2012!


I picked up the Sonex tail kit at the builders workshop in early February 2010 and started off the build in earnest only about a week ago. I would have started earlier but for the fact that every attempt at progress highlighted the lack of a particular tool. A drill press once, a band saw the next time, and a bench vice another.

I finally finished the rudder drive horn assembly today. The most challenging part was the bend in the machined piece which I achieved with the help of some bolts in a vice. The rest of the assembly was straightforward.

As it turns out, I’ve started with the plan SNX-T13. I picked it because it seemed the simplest, but who knows, 13 might turn out to be lucky too.