Sonex 1404

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I assembled the horizontal stabilizer main spar over the last several weeks. It doesn’t really take that long to do it, but many other things got in the way of finishing it up.

The assembly itself is fairly straightforward. I got a bit confused about the overall length of the spar since in one place on the plans it says 78″ and on the other it says 77 61/64″. I saw that it was different and sent an email to Kerry at Sonex who replied saying that 3/64″ wasn’t big enough to bother, and that the two tip ribs would make up the difference anyway. So after I felt about 3/64″ small, I proceeded to assemble and drill the spar.

I then updrilled to #30.

I then cleaned and deburred all the parts, clecoed them back together and then riveted them.

The outer rivets are very close to the channel side so I had to bend the rivet stems and use my nifty little drilled aluminum piece to rivet them at an angle. Regardless, I still had to drill out four rivets and redo them because they were not set properly. There was also another hole where I lost grip of the assembly on the drill press and the hole became much bigger than #30. I drilled a bigger hole and used a CCP-54 rivet in it instead of a CCP-44 (in the center of the photo below).