Sonex 1404

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As usual, progress has been slow, but for a good reason. Child #2 arrived in July and the months prior to that were a bit hectic. I had my father-in-law to help after that, and I took the chance to complete the wing. As usual, I have left the bottom wing skin unriveted to make the installation of the control rods easier. Here are some pictures.


The DRDT-2 makes dimpling very easy.IMG_0598IMG_0600IMG_0602IMG_0603

Riveted the ribs to the spar.IMG_0604IMG_0605IMG_0606IMG_0608IMG_0609

Installing the tie-down ring.IMG_0610

And the position/strobe lights.IMG_0611

There’s my pregnant wife helping me move the leading edge skin.IMG_0646

More dimpling, the leading edge skin this time.IMG_0654IMG_0655IMG_0659

Using a flexible conduit to run the wires through. I’ll have to do this on the right wing too. The string is left in place to help pull through any new wires or conduits.IMG_0661IMG_0662IMG_0663

I hung the clecoed assembly by the rafters. The idea is to rivet the wing while hanging by the ratchet straps. Once complete, it would be very easy to just tighten the straps and leave the wing right there.IMG_0666IMG_0667IMG_0668IMG_0669

Bottom skin not riveted, but wing is essentially complete.IMG_0672IMG_0673IMG_0674

We have been thinking of moving to our own house, so I built this wing cradle to transport the wings. Can’t trust them to the movers!IMG_0676

I’ll resume the build once we are settled in our new place and I’ve set up the garage. It could be several months before the workshop is ready and the fuselage kit is shipped from Sonex, but I’m busy with two kids now!